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Joel Abraham of AIB visits Almond
Nana Dr. S.K.B Asante, Honorary Chancellor
"Our 12 Months MBA will bring industry to the classroom" Bishop Titi-Ofei President
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Executive Graduation
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Message From
The President

Message from the President:

“Thank your for your interest in Almond Institute.

The fact that you are reading this tells me something about you; that you are looking for a university that is committed to developing an elite group of leaders who can lead change, drive innovation and solve problems.

At Almond, we believe that; anybody can lead because everybody is a leader, we are committed to the development of the leadership potential of every individual on our campus. Moulding them into an elite group of leaders educated to global standards who can change their world.

At Almond, we also believe that Jesus is Lord and the Savior of the world. This we share with passion on our campus, lecture halls, halls of residence, cafeteria and any other place where we have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

I invite to you to join the Almond family.

God bless you.”

Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei

Founding President & C.E.O


Message from the President

10 years ago, when I realised that most working executives in Ghana do not have access to quality, affordable short-term training programmes, I decided to set up the African Centre for Leadership and Human Resource Development (AFRILEAD) which I later renamed Pan-African Institute of Governance and Leadership Studies.

Within a short time the Institute grew to become one of Ghana’s employer respected Institutions and leading executive education providers, training thousands of people from all walks of life from top corporate executives to high profile political leaders.

3 years ago I noticed that Ghana’s universities have neglected the educational needs of Adult learners who are seeking adult accelerated learning opportunities so I decided to create the Graduate School of Governance and Leadership (GSGL) to perform the dual role of meeting the short-term training needs of working executives and the educational needs of Adult learners.

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  • Awarded by the Australian Institute of Business (AIB), a 30-year-old Business School specializing in undergraduate and postgraduate qualications in business management.
  • Fully accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and internationally recognised
  • Collaboration between AIB and GSGL (Almond Institute) has benn approved by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Ghana
  • Practical, work-applied degree

Spiritual Formation

Almond Institute defines spiritual formation as the process of being conformed into the image of Christ. Almond Institute's spirutual formation model is expressed in three ways - Being, Knowing and Doing.


Being is the most foundational element of spiritual formation. Each person is made in the image of God and is thus created for relationship with God and others. This relationship with God and involves personal faith in Jesus Christ.


Who we are in Jesus Christ leads us to engage our minds in learning. A maturing faith pursues an ever-deepering understanding of God through purposeful study of the Bible and reflection on its revelation of God in the person and work of Jesus.


The activity of a maturing Christian is grounded in being and knowing. Genuine knowledge and belief will be manifest in the lifestyle and purposeful actions of a Christian. The vocation of a maturing Christian is rooted in an awareness of self and the needs of the world. By obeying God and engaging society, the Christian seeks to be an agent of transformation in the world.

The event will include a comprehensive presentation that will cover key questions, such as how it is possible to do an MBA in just 12 months (while you work), what makes AIB 'the practical business school', the flexible delivery model, the course investment and more. We will also explain why the 12 Month MBA was recently ranked by CEO Magazine as #4 MBA in Australia and #10 MBA in the world.

Attendees will be have a chance to talk directly with the AIB representative from Australia, Programme Manager, course advisors, current students and academic staff, etc. to get a more personal perspective on what makes the 12 Month MBA unique.

During the event, attendees will also have an opportunity to meet local and international VIPs.

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We are looking forward to seeing you!
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